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Say yes to “every child deserving an education” by donating to HLD today so we may welcome a child into a classroom with textbooks; train a teacher; provide a child with a solar powered flashlight who in turn will plant trees to help reforest the island; provide a merit based scholarship to a child from a rural community so they can pursue a secondary education and finally your donation may help us provide reading material to a remote community via our Donkey Mobile Library initiative!

Your donation today can make the difference between a life of crippling illiteracy and a strong and promising future fostered by what is learned in a classroom. With your support HLD will provide the children of La Gonave and throughout Haiti with the tools to build a brighter and more hopeful tomorrow.

If donate by Check

Please make check payable to HLD (we get 100% of your donation when you write us a check) and send it to:
611 Access Rd, 2nd Floor
Tel. 203-612-7860

Donate Online

If you decide donate online, you may do it easy through the PayPal button below.

FQA about it

1. I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I pay with debit/credit card?

YES! You can use this service even if you do not have a Paypal account or, do not want to sign up for it.
If you want to pay with your credit card without signing up on the page, you should do that though. Click on “Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit”

2. Is there any FEE involved?

NO, Making payments with PayPal is free of charge for you. However, it will charge a fee to HLD to process your donation.


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